Root Tools APK v2.0 Download Free for Android

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root android apk free download

Root Tools APK v2.0 Download Free for Android

Name: Root Tools Developer: JRummy Apps Inc. Category: Tools
Version: 2.0 Updated: Not updated yet

Features of Root Tools:

App management:

  • Android 2.2+ apps to SD
  • Backup or restore system and data applications
  • Kick out non-required system or data applications
  • Batch removal/backup included

Goodie Add-ons:

  • Install up to 30+ boot animations [enable random boot animation on each boot-up]
  • Install more than 25 custom fonts
  • Pulldown text editor

Tweaks & Hacks:

  • Use Ad Blocker
  • Build Properties
  • Clear Cache anytime, anywhere
  • Free up device memory
  • Miscellaneous

Reboot Options:

  • Hot reboot
  • Reboot
  • Reboot recovery
  • Powerdown

Beautiful Interface:

  • The app interface is responsive
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to navigate 
(4.9 MB)

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